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Tình cảm và tương tư như cuốn sách ta yêu nhất. Chương cuối kia không có dũng khí mở ra. Câu chuyện dù có đẹp đến đâu, kết thúc vẫn là chia xa. Vậy nên không dám tò mò để làm vấy bẩn kết cục. Giống như một bí mật không ai dám động đến, hiện tại bị vạch trần. Kỳ thật không đủ dũng khí thừa nhận ngày mai. Hãy vui đêm nay, niềm vui hư vô mờ mịt tuy rằng không thể tiếp tục triền miên. Yêu thương một đời, nguyện vọng nhỏ bé này thực khó khăn. Hãy giữ lại một chút khoảng cách trở về cho trái tim đập loạn. Hãy vui đêm nay, hư vô mờ mịt. Dao động như vậy, không bằng từ bỏ thôi.

– 黄丹仪


To Thomas Hardy, life is short, nasty, brutish, and pretty much meaningless. After death, the human existence ceases completely — not only the body but the whole presence is so readily erased from the living’s memories — as if that person has never been born, has never graced the earth before. Beyond death is nothing, nothing. And how pitiful we human beings are; how fragile our life is.

“Ah, are you digging on my grave 
          My loved one? — planting rue?” 
— “No, yesterday he went to wed 
One of the brightest wealth has bred. 
‘It cannot hurt her now,’ he said, 
          ‘That I should not be true.'” 

“Then who is digging on my grave? 
         My nearest dearest kin?” 
— “Ah, no; they sit and think, ‘What use! 
What good will planting flowers produce? 
No tendance of her mound can loose 
         Her spirit from Death’s gin.’ ” 

“But some one digs upon my grave? 
         My enemy? — prodding sly?” 
— “Nay: when she heard you had passed the Gate 
That shuts on all flesh soon or late, 
She thought you no more worth her hate, 
         And cares not where you lie.” 

“Then, who is digging on my grave? 
         Say — since I have not guessed!” 
— “O it is I, my mistress dear, 
Your little dog, who still lives near, 
And much I hope my movements here 
         Have not disturbed your rest?” 

“Ah yes! You  dig upon my grave . . . 
         Why flashed it not on me 
That one true heart was left behind! 
What feeling do we ever find 
To equal among human kind 
         A dog’s fidelity!” 

“Mistress, I dug upon your grave 
         To bury a bone, in case 
I should be hungry near this spot 
When passing on my daily trot. 
I am sorry, but I quite forgot 
         It was your resting-place.”




— Tom Palmer

—Phú Quang

Boyfriend? Husband? Marriage? What do we need those for when we already have literature?

Thank you Mr. Lodge for your wonderful insight.


Perfection, of a kind, was what he was after,

And the poetry he invented was easy to understand;

He knew human folly like the back of his hand,

And was greatly interested in armies and fleets;

When he laughed, respectable senators burst with laughter,

And when he cried the little children died on the streets.